The Genesis Record
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In this area, rain is infrequent. In the mid 1960's it rained a lot. The dry washes quickly filled to capacity and normally calm rivers were scoured by the torrential flood. In a small town near the Nazca lines, the narrow Ica River was eroded away along the banks, revealing several hundred carved stones that had been buried in subterranean chambers. As the
water receded, the carved stones were left on the Ica's banks.
As the locals began to collect these stones, a particular image of a fish caught the eye of Dr. Javier Cabrera, the town's physician. Dr. Cabrera recognized the outlined image as that if an extinct species of fish. His curiosity peaked, he sought more of these stones. Gradually, the villagers knew that he was interested in these strange objects
     and so they gave him what is now his collection-- something Cabrera calls his "library"-- of stone enigmas.
The stones come in all sizes. There are small ones that can easily fit your palm and there are rocks as large as a dog. All of the stones have images that have been carved with continuous lines etched into the rock surface. The etching reveals a lighter color than the original dark varnish of age, yet the etched grooves also bear traces of this varnish, indicating that the carving was done in ancient times.
Sophia Melewska is a Geomorphologist who was commissioned to investigate the rocks, summarize their content, and comment on their authenticity. After studying the collection of stones, Dr. Melewska said that she was in a state of "intellectual shock." The art that surrounds the entire rock face shows evidence of an advanced civilization that knew about surgery, the history of man's past, and the Earth's evolution. But how? Melewska is one of the scientists now trying to direct the attention of professional research toward this mystery. But her battle is a tough one.  For science to accept these stones as genuine would force them into one of two positions:
1.  Dinosaurs and humans co-existed because dinosaurs did not die out when claimed.
2.  Dinosaurs and humans co-existed because humans existed much earlier in earth’s history than claimed.
Neither of these two positions is fully compatible with the Theory of Evolution, and will thus be avoided at all costs.
So these remarkable finds are simply ignored, in hope they will just go away someday.
the stones from Ica, Peru