Non Darwinian Thought

It is often claimed by the Darwinian mystics that there is no controversy in scientific circles regarding the origin of species.  They began making this claim at the same time they began to refuse any further debate with anyone not walking in lock-step with their own naturalistic belief system.  The falsity of their claims is demonstrated by the multitude of scientists that hold opposing beliefs, many of which are located in several different areas of this site. 

This section is set up specifically for the papers of those scientists who do not subscribe to Darwinian Mysticism, yet do not fit in any of the other areas of this site.  Predominantly, these papers are alternate theories to or criticisms of the Darwinian model.
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Natural Selection: The Achilles Heel of Darwinism - Prof. John A. Davison

The Real Role for Natural Selection - Prof. John A. Davison

What Is Really Known About The Mechanism Of Organic Evolution? - Prof. John A. Davison

Three Persistent Myths In The History Of Science - Prof. John A. Davison

Why are Darwinians atheists? - Prof. John A. Davison

The Absurdity Of Debate - Prof. John A. Davison