Lies, Damned Lies and Damning Lies
The Genesis Record
This will be the most difficult section of my site.  There is NO shortage of falsehoods being perpetrated by those that follow the religion of Naturalism, and are willing to make misstatements in order to convince people to follow THEM instead of following God.  No, it is not a shortage of incidents, but it is the necessity to separate knowing falsehoods (lies) from unintentional mistakes.  I will cover this in a running narrative with links to original sources whenever they are available on the web.

The lie that is most damaging to truth in favor name of Naturalism is the case of Ernst Haeckel.  For that story, go to Evolution Oopsies and select the Ernst Haeckel link.

The most well known lie was the fabricated remains designated Piltdown Man.  This has been written up everywhere, so will not be gone into in any depth here.  Suffice it to say that this construction of a human skull and an ape jaw bone was an obvious fake.  The file marks which attempted to make the find look more human were plainly visible.  Found in 1912, it remained in the evidence cache of the Naturalists until exposed in 1953.

A more recent fake finding is the Archaeopteryx.  This one also has it's own section on this site under Evolution Oopsies.

German Anthropology was thrown into turmoil by the case of Professor Reiner Protsch von Zieten.  Prof. Protsch virtually wrote the history of Neanderthal in Northern Europe.  He did his own carbon dating on finds, as he has been considered a radiocarbon dating expert since the 1970's.  Then Oxford tested one set of remains which Protsch had dated at 36,000 years old, and found it to be 7,500 years old, a time when Neanderthal was extinct and modern man was well established.  Another find which he dated at 21,300 was found to be only 3,300 years old.  The worst case was a skull which he dated at 27,400 years old, which turned out to have died in 1750.  Upon investigation, it was found that Prof. Protsch was incapable of operating his own carbon dating equipment, and was discharged by the university when he attempted to sell a collection of skulls that were university property. 
This all happened in mid 2004, and was in all the papers at that time, but now has disappeared from most of them.  You can find references to the incident in the Telegraph, and this archaeology site.

Japanese Archaeology was thrown into the same state of turmoil when it was found that Fujimura Shinichi, nicknamed 'God's Hand' for his outstanding success at finding artifacts and remains had falsified every single find he had ever made.  This happened in 2000, and has a decent article about it in Wikipedia.  The ancient history of Japan has to be completely re-written following this exposure.

MUCH more recent is the case of the ancient bat find which claims to be evidence for the theory that bats first learned to fly, then learned how to echolocate.  The study can be read on the University of Michigan site here.
What is the lie involved in this study?  They claim that since these bats could fly and not echolocate, that proves bats developed flight first and echolocation second.  The lie is obvious when you realize that some bats TODAY cannot echolocate while others can, and then read the details in the study which state that OTHER bats found in the SAME STRATA (the same age) COULD echolocate.  What this find REALLY proves is that some bats can and some bats can't, and that has been the case from the earliest bats known.  In other words, this study is evidence AGAINST the evolution of echolocation.