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Some of my favorite websites on the internet.

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Bethany Church The church I (Terry Trainor) pastor.

Coral Ridge Ministries Website of the late Dr. D. James Kennedy

Free on-line Bible study tools

Free on-line Bible study lessons

Jack Chick Website  Tracts and books for sale; strict and hard, but some GOOD soul winning material here.

Ulf Ekman Ministries  This is the website of Ulf Ekman, a pastor in Sweden with a very large following.  Like Dr. Kennedy, his grasp of Bible issues is very good.

Westboro Baptist Church  I do not consider this a Christian site, but I feel it is important for Christians to know about, and I did not know where else to put this link.  This is the bunch of idiots that pickets the funerals of our soldiers killed in action, claiming they are sinning by defending the United States, and deserved to die.  If you are easily offended by bigotry and hatred, do not go to this site.

Obscenity Crimes Organization  Sick of having pornography pop up in your searches?  Tired of un-invited e-mail with pornographic content?  DON'T just ignore it, REPORT it!  Westboro Baptist Church site does NOT qualify, for although all Christians might consider it Obscene, the government does not.