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Design or Chance?

by Terry Trainor on 11/24/11

I just read a fascinating article about the African Crested Rat, Lophiomys imhausi.  This little creature is immune to the sap of the Poison Arrow tree, which kills virtually every other creature on the planet.  The rat, as if KNOWING it is immune, chews the bark of this tree.  Then, again as if KNOWING, it slobbers on its sides to coat them with this poison.  When attacked, the rat turns it.s side to the attacker and freezes in place.

One bite is all they get.

You choose; is this design or random chance evolution?

How many thousands of years were the jungles littered with the bodies of rats that chewed all the OTHER poisonous plants, looking for the single one that it had evolved an immunity to?

How many others died because they spread the poison on their heads, where the first bite would kill them instantly, thus removing any survival advantage this genetic makeup might afford?

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