The Genesis Record
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1. This specimen was discovered by a non-professional, and was NOT left in place until a scientist could examine it, but was instead dug out and taken to a scientist for examination. If a creationist walked into the office of National Geographic with a dinosaur bone with a flint arrowhead stuck in it, do you think they would write an article about it? They would laugh him out of the place! But, since this was 'evidence' for evolution, it was fully accepted!!
2. National Geographic devoted ten pages, glossy pictures and all, to this 'find' when they thought it was genuine.
3. When it was exposed as a hoax, National Geographic gave the news a couple of paragraphs in the 'forum' section of the magazine.
4. It is now known that this 'find' was constructed by gluing together parts of a bird skeleton, a dinosaur tail, and parts from several other unidentified creatures.
Does this tell you something? Evidence for evolution is BIG news. Evidence that some lie and perpetrate frauds in order to PROVE evolution is supressed.
What is it about this theory that makes some so RABID in their desire to 'prove' the truth of it? It is the simple fact that it is capable of removing the need for a creator, and if it can be 'proven', it will pave the way to remove Christian faith from the world.